Sunday, March 15, 2015

Arrangements for the Group Photo

We would like to gather all of our guests together to take a large group photo--to commemorate our esteemed assemblage in all its costumed glory! Thus, we ask that you arrive by 6:15 (the doors open at 5:30) so that we may take this photograph before the sun sets. If the weather permits, we will take the picture in the outdoor courtyard at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant. Our photographer, Beth of BWPW Photography, will take shots both with her camera and with Gloria's camera as backup. The photo from Gloria's camera will be made available shortly after the dinner, while the photos from Beth's camera will be professionally edited and available on her website. (Copies with a small watermark will be offered free of charge, while copies without the watermark can be purchased according to the pricing posted here.) Since we have 40 people attending the dinner, we ask that guests do not also attempt to take their own pictures of the whole group during this time, so as to avoid having people stand for an extended period.

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