Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Raffle Updates

We have a number of exciting prizes in this year's raffle! To keep up with the latest updates, see our prize page here.

And to remind folks, below are the raffle rules and ticket pricing. They are the same as last year.
1) Tickets can be purchased in the following tiers: 3 tickets for $5, 8 tickets for $10, and 20 tickets for $20. Tickets can only be purchased in cash on the night of the dinner.
2) All tickets will be placed in the same basket, from which we will draw a winner for each prize successively. After a ticket is drawn and its number is called, that ticket will be discarded.
3) The same person can win a maximum of two times. If a person's number is drawn a third time, that ticket will be discarded, and another one will be drawn.
4) Please retain your ticket stubs until the prizes are drawn, as proof of your ticket numbers. We will not otherwise record which numbers have been purchased by which guests.
5) The order of prize drawings will be posted at the dinner.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Year's Group Photo

As with last year, we are going to take a group photo to commemorate our gathering. The logistics will be the same as last time, but here is a reminder:

We ask that you arrive by 6:15 (the doors open at 5:30) so that we may take the photograph before it gets too dark. If the weather permits, we will take the picture in the outdoor courtyard at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant. Our photographer, Beth of BWPW Photography, will take shots both with her camera and with Gloria's camera as backup. The photo from Gloria's camera will be made available shortly after the dinner, while the photos from Beth's camera will be professionally edited and available on her website. (Copies with a small watermark will be offered free of charge, while copies without the watermark can be purchased according to the pricing posted here.) Since we have nearly 40 people attending the dinner, we ask that guests do not also attempt to take their own pictures of the whole group during this time, so as to avoid having people stand for an extended period.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Raffle and Goody Bag Donations

Would you like to donate to our raffle and/or to our goody bags? If so, read on!

As in past years, we will be holding a raffle to raise money to support this and future Francaise Dinners. Examples of donations from last year include period-appropriate jewelry and hair accessories, gift certificates to vendors frequented by historical costumers, fabric, and loose leaf tea. The raffle would not be possible without generous donations from attendees and small businesses.

Furthermore, we also are also seeking donations for the goody bags given to each guest. Past donations have included coupons, ribbon, and product samples. This is a great opportunity for folks to promote their businesses to a large audience of historical costumers and reenactors.

If you are interested in making a donation, please email Gloria at quincy134 AT gmail DOT com. A photo and description is required for any raffle donations, so that we may post them on our website. For goody bag donations, we will need to physically receive those by March 8th, so that they can be put in the bags before the dinner. Thank you!