Thursday, March 5, 2015

Please Come Dressed or Make Arrangements to Change Elsewhere Before Arriving

We are counting down the days to the Francaise Dinner! There is less than a month left! In preparation for the night's festivities, we wanted to address some questions that have arisen regarding changing space.

Our venue, Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant, is located in a historic structure, and thus only has a small restroom available to their diners. As we are only occupying one of the tavern's three dining rooms that evening, we would ask people not to change on site. We do not wish to inconvenience the restaurant nor its other patrons, and we would like to be welcomed back to Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant for next year's Francaise Dinner, should we wish to have it there again. This is a fabulous venue for hosting a costumed event, and we would very much like everyone to have a great time, while still respecting the needs of the restaurant and of its other visitors.

Because this is an event at a public place (rather than a private event in someone's home), and because we have 40 people coming, we are unfortunately unable to provide changing space. Therefore, we ask that you make your own arrangements. As the three Francaise Dinner hostesses live in or around Alexandria, we will not be staying in a hotel near the restaurant. Because this is an evening event, we imagine that most people who are traveling have overnight accommodations in the vicinity. However, if you were not planning on staying overnight and need somewhere to change, please contact the hostesses for assistance with finding a suitable location. Note that we cannot guarantee that finding space will be possible. Alternatively, you are welcome to comment on this blog asking if someone is willing to help you out. We cannot make any guarantees, but we will do our best to help in any way we can; we want everyone to have a wonderful evening!

Also, please note that the stylist sessions are an extra service being offered by Jenny-Rose, a third party vendor not directly associated with the Francaise Dinner. Her appointments are not being held at the restaurant itself.

We look forward to welcoming you all for the 4th Annual Francaise Dinner soon!

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