Sunday, April 5, 2015

Photos from BWPW Photography are Now Available

Beth Mandel of BWPW Photography has finished editing and uploading her photos from this year's dinner. She captured a wonderful array of images, which I hope you will enjoy looking through as much as I did. Thank you for your hard work, Beth!

Photos are available at two links:

1) For those wishing to purchase non-watermarked full-size digital copies and physical prints (with prices starting at just $1.50 for digital files and $.75 for prints), please use this link:

2) For those wishing to download images with a watermark in the corner free of charge, please use this link:

If you like one of Beth's photos, please consider purchasing a copy, as she was kind enough to volunteer her time to photograph this year's dinner.

If you would like to follow Beth online, here is her info:

And here is the final version of the group photo. Beth and I mutually decided that the panorama she took with my camera, which I then combined into one image, worked the best for our fabulously large group!

Francaise Dinner

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