Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Raffle Updates

We have a number of exciting prizes in this year's raffle! To keep up with the latest updates, see our prize page here.

And to remind folks, below are the raffle rules and ticket pricing. They are the same as last year.
1) Tickets can be purchased in the following tiers: 3 tickets for $5, 8 tickets for $10, and 20 tickets for $20. Tickets can only be purchased in cash on the night of the dinner.
2) All tickets will be placed in the same basket, from which we will draw a winner for each prize successively. After a ticket is drawn and its number is called, that ticket will be discarded.
3) The same person can win a maximum of two times. If a person's number is drawn a third time, that ticket will be discarded, and another one will be drawn.
4) Please retain your ticket stubs until the prizes are drawn, as proof of your ticket numbers. We will not otherwise record which numbers have been purchased by which guests.
5) The order of prize drawings will be posted at the dinner.

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